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telephones are a basic necessity to your company's productivity.
as hot as the internet is, the telephone is often the easiest way to reach your customers, clients, and partners.
it should also be the easiest way for them to reach you.
you don't want anyone calling your business only to have calls routed incorrectly, to get disconnected, or to be faced with a bewildering array of automated options.
telephones are basic to your productivity, and buying the wrong system can cripple your entire operation for years.

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locksmith los angeles Telephones
5 Button Standard Merlin Phone
5 button standard merlin ph...
5D MLX Legend Phone
5d mlx legend phone
Comdial 7700S
comdial 7700s
KXT 7130 Panasonic Phone
kxt 7130 panasonic phone
NEC 34-Button phone
nec 34-button phone
2.4 GHz  phone
2.4 ghz phone
locksmith los angeles Business system phone
Norstar 8 Line Blowout
norstar 8 line blowout
Norstar CICS
norstar cics
The Vodavi Starplus DHS
the vodavi starplus dhs
NEC DS 2000-4 lines
nec ds 2000-4 lines
NEC DS 2000-8 lines
nec ds 2000-8 lines
locksmith los angeles Accessories
Valcom 5-Watt Page Horn
valcom 5-watt page horn
Valcom 25 amp Power Supply
valcom 25 amp power supply
Programming cables
programming cables
Answering Machine Stopper
answering machine stopper
Modular Jack Adapter
modular jack adapter
909A Universal Coupler
909a universal coupler
M12 Ampifier
m12 ampifier
Telephone Chime Alerts
telephone chime alerts
Plantronics Online Indicator
plantronics online indicator
HL10 Handset Lifter
hl10 handset lifter
locksmith los angeles Electric strike/buzzers
Electric Strikes are security locking devices that are found in places where access control is required. They are also known as Door Strikes or Door Releases. They are controlled by Low-Voltage electrical power sources. Electric strikes come in many varieties. They can be 12 or 24 or even higher voltage and they may take AC or DC current and some even take both. They may be fail safe or fail secure. A fail safe electric strike needs power to keep it locked. A fail secure electric strike stays locked even without power. The most common by far is a fail secure. When using a fail secure electric strike even without power it stays locked from the outside coming in. When you need that buzzing sound you may have heard when being buzzed into an office that`s the sound of AC current going through the electric strike. If you need this sound as a signal to push on the door when unlocking the strike then choose an AC electric strike and an AC power source or transformer. If you do not want or need this buzzing sound then choose a DC power source or transformer. The DC strike is almost completely silent when it releases except for a slight click sound. On average a DC electric strike will last longer than an AC electric strike. Nowadays there are strikes suitable for nearly all door styles and materials.
16 vac power supply
16 vac power supply
Rutherford Heavy Duty
rutherford heavy duty
Electric Door Strike Lock
electric door strike lock
DO-001A MightySlim
do-001a mightyslim
Securitron Unlatch
securitron unlatch
ADAM 7100-540-628 24VAC
adam 7100-540-628 24vac
ADAM 7101-540-628 24VAC
adam 7101-540-628 24vac
Fail Locked 1-3/4`` x 9``
fail locked 1-3/4`` x 9``
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